Upload or link to code, modules, or themes that you have developed for the UW Drupal community.

UW Theme, Drupal 7, Omega

If you would like to test out a responsive version of the UW-Madison theme, all of the documentation and downloads are at I haven't touched the code in about a year (I heard that a department on the UW-Madison campus was going to take over the theme, so I stopped working on it), but it works pretty well.

If you want to see a rough clone of the old homepage, you can see it at

UW Theme, Drupal 6, Zen

I'm extremely pleased to announce version 1.0 of the Zen-based UW-Madison theme! For now, it will be hosted here on the ComETS website.

Be sure to install the Zen base theme to get started. The theme supports both fixed and fluid width, as well as ajax menus, such as NiceMenu.

Props to Lauren Shawl for doing most of the heavy lifting, to Ron Crandall for an initial draft, and to Jessica Myrbo and Doug Worsham for their input.


Version 1.0: initial theme