Buzz about Drupal in Higher Education

A recent post on is creating a buzz about the possibility of forming a consortium for users of Drupal in Higher Education. The thought is, there are a number of issues and needs unique to higher education, and some form of knowledge sharing can help move us all forward -- but on a distributed path. Some of you might recognize Bryan (the poster, from PSU) from his visit to DrupalCamp here a couple of years ago.

Here at Wisconsin, this website definitely plays a large role in our own collaboration, but also in facilitating connections with other institutions. To start, we've added a "chat" tab to the site that will allow you to connect with people across campus and across the emerging Drupal in Higher Ed landscape. Hopefully we will find other ways to connect in the future.

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Awesome - Thanks for putting that chat page up, John. Looking forward to seeing everyone connecting on IRC.