Edu Drupal Unconsortium

Check out this DrupalCon presentation from Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis. They're forming an "Unconsortium" of higher ed Drupal users, and are already sharing code. Be sure to check out the website at Sign up, and consider sharing your own features.

March DUG meeting

Our March Drupal User Group meeting will be this Friday (3/8) at 9am in room #302 of the Middleton Building (NOT in Middleton, map:

- Demo: John Vieth, UW-Platteville will show a new calendar system for marketing and communication
- Drupalcamp WI, June 28-9? Who's in?
- Bring a question!

NetID / Shibboleth authentication

Information on using the shib_auth module for UW NetID authentication is available in this KnowledgeBase document: Drupal NetID Authentication. The information is based on my own experience on a few hosts, building on some initial work by colleagues in the School of Pharmacy.
Please leave comments for improving the documentation on the KnowledgeBase site.

DUG Meetup, January 2013

DUG meeting Thursday January 10, 2013 at 1:00 PM in room 1381 (1st floor) of chemistry building.....

We can chat about
* drupal and web accessibiilty (big topic on campus these days)
* drupal 7 organic groups vs multisites
* "Search" best practices (solr et al)
* anyone looking at drupal distributions

We can add to this at the meeting.
And I'd be willing to hang out and work on issues people are having with their sites...

DUG Meetup, October 2012

Taking suggestions for next DUG meeting....
Thursday October 11
in the chemistry building (1101 University Ave) room 1381 (1st floor)

Some topics to discuss:
* Migration and upgrade of the chemistry site to D7
* Project?: Campus install profile for departments

Midwest Developer Summit & DrupalCamp WI, July 26-28, 2012

DrupalCampWI 2012 is currently accepting registration and session submissions! The camp is Saturday, July 28, 2012 in Engineering Hall. The camp is appropriate for Drupal beginners and experts alike. We also hope to have some conference and "unconference" content specifically focused on Drupal in Higher Education.

DUG Meetup, April 2012

Next Drupal User's Group Meeting will be
Tuesday April 3.
in the chemistry building (1101 University Ave) room 1381 (1st floor)
The main topics we will discuss involve the Denver 2012 drupalcon.
If you saw or read about anything that looked interesting, leave a comment and we'll get to it. Feel free to check out #drupalcon and #drupaled on twitter...

UW Drupal User's Group meet-up

Date: 02/07/2012 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: 274 Van Hise Hall

Hey there DUG - Let's meet to talk UW Drupal in 2012!!

We'll have a demo of the brand new UW Drupal Theme for Drupal 7! Thanks to Nate Millin of UW Colleges for putting it together!

And of course, we'll also have our usual mix of updates, tips, and questions.

Got ideas for things to talk about? Drop them into the comments!

Drupal Developer Position at UW Colleges

UW Colleges, the 13 freshman/​sophomore campuses of the UW, is seeking a Drupal Web Developer to join the Central Marketing Department’s web team.​ This new position will play a critical role in building and maintaining the UW Colleges web initiatives.​ The primary focus will be to maintain legacy web sites, while creating new sites and migrating those in Drupal.​

Buzz about Drupal in Higher Education

A recent post on is creating a buzz about the possibility of forming a consortium for users of Drupal in Higher Education. The thought is, there are a number of issues and needs unique to higher education, and some form of knowledge sharing can help move us all forward -- but on a distributed path. Some of you might recognize Bryan (the poster, from PSU) from his visit to DrupalCamp here a couple of years ago.


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